Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trying the Whole Staycation Thing

Did you know?   The word staycation was added to the dictionary in 2009?  

To even get into the dictionary, people, and by extension the popular media, have been using the word for a while.   Just because people were using the word, and it achieved dictionary fame, did not mean that I was embracing the concept.

I'm a big fan of going, seeing and doing.   If I could swing the Eat, Pray, Love lifestyle, I would do that.   And that involves going somewhere else.  Anywhere else.   I'm not good about staying in one place.   Going to the same restaurant.   The same destination.  

Every year friends ask where I'm going.    I usually have a plan.  
That plan often involves ice cream, another continent, cappuccino and a really long flight.

Next week I'm taking 4 days of vacation.
And I'm staying in Colorado

This is a new concept for me.   I'm not sure that I've done anything this wild and crazy in the 7+ years I've lived in here.  

I love Colorado.   I've lived here longer than anywhere else since graduating high school.   Before that, my parents, like many parents, expected me to live in the same state, city, and even house that they did.   Shocking, I know!   

Lots of people choose to come to Colorado for their vacation.   When I was younger (that whole living with my parents thing), I came out to Colorado a couple different times for vacation.    It was hard to resist the temptation to vacation in central Illinois, but somehow we chose the higher road.

Next week, I'm going to enjoy Colorado, and Beaver Creek particularly, as a person who is on vacation.   I'm not just going up the hill for the weekend.   I'm going on vacation!  I'm going to stay in a hotel.  Ski.  Eat S'mores.  Sit by the fire.   Drink wine.  Go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Lounge in the hot tub.  Sleep in.

From my last visit...

All less than 2 hours from home.   No jet lag.   No exhausted flight arriving at midnight when I have to work the next day.    We may stop for the worlds biggest breakfast wrap at Two Brothers on the way up.    Right after that we may stop for ice cream and caramel corn at the Georgetown Valley Candy Company.    No one can stop us.   We are on vacation!

From the visit before that...

What's your take on staycation?

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