Monday, December 5, 2011

How Cold Weather Ended My Laziness

When I first moved to Denver a co-worker referred me to a dentist.   From my office in the DTC it was about a 15-20 minute drive.   Not too bad for someplace you only go twice per year.   In the Spring of 2007 I started working downtown.   Now this dental office was 22.9 miles (at least a 30 minute drive pending traffic and weather) from my house and a similar difference and time from my office.   Still, it was only twice a year, so what's a 30+ minute drive?  Why bother making a change?  

Today there was the added bonus of rush hour traffic and inclement weather.   It took me an hour to get to the dentist.   While my car was going 2 miles an hour on the Dam Road (the actual name), I thought that this was probably the kick in the a** that I finally needed to change to a dentist closer to home or to work.    Although I called the dental office to let them know that I was running late, I got there 20 minutes after my appointment time and there was not time for them to get me in before the next patient.  The next appointment I could get was in mid-January.  They offered to put me on a wait list so that I could get a call with any last minute cancellations.   But with the office being so far, that wasn't a feasible option.

Bottom line, the hour wasted in snowy traffic was what I needed to make a change.   This will save me up to an hour of driving time and gas at least twice a year.   I can think of a lot of other things I can do with an hour rather than drive to the dentist.  

Maybe I can divide that hour up and floss more often so that my new dentist gives me a gold star.

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