Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project 365: The Rest of June

I've been much more interested in writing all my Israel posts while my memory was still fresh, so haven't been as concerned with my photo project, although I've still been taking a photo a day.   These pictures take you through June 23 and my Israel pictures cover the rest...and then some.

June 14 - Flowers

June 15 - Thought these would be my walking around Israel shoes -
still love them, but wore my Tevas all over

June 16 - Bus Etiquette Fail

June 17 - Random Propaganda at light rail stop

June 18 - Who knew the biggest comb in Texas was here at the Goodwill?

June 18 - A crazy afternoon at the Wildlife Experience
June 19 - First visit to the Old South Pearl Farmer's Market and delicious
ceviche from the Little Orange Rocket

June 20 - PB&J Cupcake from the Denver Cupcake Truck
June 21 - A delicious addition to deviled eggs 
June 22 - New to me travel purse from Goodwill
June 23 - Great read on the flight to JFK en route to Tel Aviv

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